Healthy Survey of Sao Paulo with Focus in Nutrition (ISA-Nutrition)

The nutrition area of ISA was responsible for the collection and analysis of food consumption data, as well as anthropometric data, blood pressure, and collection and processing of biological samples of the evaluated individuals. For twelve years, the data collected by the group have yielded several results, such as:

  • Development of food intake assessment tools, as well as their applicability, validity and reproducibility;
  • Advances in evaluating the usual diet with the use of different methods;
  • Description of the consumption of the population of São Paulo observing the risks of nutrient inadequacy, estimating the intake of specific foods and food groups (red meat, sugary drinks, coffee, among others) and their environmental impact.;
  • Diet pattern analysis based on hypotheses or data regarding social inequalities and lifestyle;
  • Evaluation of public policies such as fortification of wheat and corn flour with folic acid and iron.

In the 2008 and 2015 editions of the study, many advances have been made with biomarker dosing and investigation of their association with diet, such as major sources of food folate and homocysteine ​​status, glycemic index and glycemic load and diet nutritional; assessment of diet quality and pattern and cardiometabolic risk factors.

In the PUBLICATIONS tab you can access all the works developed with ISA-Nutrition data so far.